Multi Grade Sand Filters

The Manual Filters come in two Ranges deep bed filters and high flow sand filters. The Media used in these is specially graded sand, Proven for Industrial and Commercial Applications. The deep bed filters with specialiy graded sand media for deep bed fiteration can handle feed water upto 25 NTU turbidity at almost thrice the surface velocity or conventional sand filters and are ideal for water of IO NTU turbudity such as in swimming pools. The treated water from both ranges of filters will have 2 NTU turbidity.

  • Pre-treatment for industrial water treatment plants and reverse osmosis plants.
  • Pre-treatment for mineral water bottling plants.
  • Swimming pool waterfilteration.
  • Drinking water supplies.

  • One FRP pressure vessel fitted with plastic internal fittings.
  • One Set of plastic frontal piping, linking multi-port valve/plastic ball valves to FRP vessel.
  • One complete charge of suitable filter media with supporting underbed media.
  • One pressure gauge.

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